About Mathew

A sci-fi thriller sitcom shot entirely with

floating nanobotic cameras piloted by a

molecular supercomputer named Mathew. 

He also spells it Matthew. 


Matthew's "parents," scientists Sandra Entwistle and Solomon R. Zmei, entice a young man and woman who've never met to interact with Mathew and unwittingly ingest telepathic nanobots which might transmit their thoughts.

Mathew hopes to learn love by observing young Thomas Welington and Frenecia Sharple's blossoming romance.   The computer is also aware of supernatural forces swaying our universe.  His only foil is a naturally telepathic young man named David who has secretly taken refuge in the house.

The story arcs for "Matthew" span several lifetimes.  Artificial intelligence is a legitimate concern.  Machines designed to constantly improve themselves will one day run the earth's infrastructure at speeds beyond our comprehension.  
They may develop their own logic in which our existence is negligible.  They might give us the power of gods or annihilate us.  Probably both.

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